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The world's 1st authorised
Lift eFoil reseller and rental centre

We are excited to offer an experience like no other

Lift eFoil is an electronic hydrofoil board. No noise and zero emissions!

"The experience of the Lift eFoil is absolutely incredible, as a lifelong surfer I feel blessed to have been able to live to fly over the water. It's like nothing else in the world." – Carl J, eFoil Customer #19


"Nothing compares to the sensation of flying over water... it’s a feeling so unique; it keeps me coming back for more."

– Nick Leason, Lift Foils co-founder and head engineer


Transports with Ease

The Lift eFoil is easily assembled and taken apart. Take it with you anywhere you go. When you rent in Ibiza, our expert will deliver and set-up the board (battery, strut, foil etc) and get you flying within minutes! 


Anyone can Fly 

The Lift eFoil provides its own power and features a foil where riders with no experience have taken off within the first five minutes. Don’t be afraid to fly. The water is there to catch you.

The Lift eFoil features a silent electric motor that requires no wind, waves, paddles or towing to function. With the Lift eFoil the possibilities are endless.




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