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Excited to bring eFoils to you!


We are just as excited as you to feel the thrill of hydrofoiling above the water on an electric surfboard! Ibiza Foils is the world's 1st Lift eFoil authorised reseller and rental centre. Our team of surfers have been brought together to share this unique watersports activity with you – our aim is to build a foil surf culture here on Ibiza, and play an active part in the evolution of this sport.

Sebastian, the founder of Ibiza Foils, believes in this equipment and wants to share this awesome technology with you! Based in Marina Botafoch, Seb comes from a background racing classic yachts – he has a lifetime of experience on the water – linking you with the island's best charter yachts and Lift eFoils. The whole idea is to give you the best day out on Ibiza! 

If you are on Ibiza, come visit our showroom in Marina Botafoch. 




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