Lift Classic Foils

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For over 10 years we’ve made performance foils for the committed, the future forward, the risk takers—riders that need foil hardware that is both innovative and unbelievably tough.

This Is Why The Best, Trust Lift.

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Our boards

We work with the best board builders in the world- including legendary shaper Sean Ordoñez- to create optimal decks for your ride. Our boards are built for performance and guaranteed to last for years.

Our signature surf foil boards will complete your foil lineup with style, providing the perfect balance for ultimate performance.

The carbon fiber construction is lightweight, offers an impressive response, and is durable enough for years of heavy use.

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2022 WINGS Lineup

  • The SURF V2 WINGS. This range of wings is “mid aspect,” meaning that the wingspan offers a true balance between efficiency and turning, working for multiple foil disciplines. Whether surf ing, eFoiling, or sailing, our new mid aspect lineup lowers resistance and increases your ability to carve an aggressive turn.
  • The HIGH ASPECT WINGS have undergone a few tweaks for ultimate responsiveness, with a smaller size added to broaden the lineup. These wings are ultra-tuned for performance, so we encourage entry-level riders to start with the surf lineup.

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2022 MAST Lineup

  • The 2022 masts come in four sizes all-carbon-fiber and they perform better than ever. The masts may not look too different from previous generations, but Lift has fine-tuned the construction with a new proprietary premium carbon fiber blend for improved control and response.
  • This generation of Lift masts offers a truly premium ride experience. Materials like aluminum feel dead when you carve a turn, and more rudimentary carbon f iber just isn’t the same.

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