REACHA Sport Beach 20'' Fat


 Warranty of up to 18 months, depending on your choice of board & battery options. Warranty covered by Ibiza Foils. 

Transport and VAT are not included. 

Pay a deposit of 700,00 per item

*VAT and shipping are not included

Bow and bike connector included

The reacha SPORT is our transport solution for sports enthusiasts. Kayak, SUP, surfboard, windsurfing board, camping equipment and much more fits on the reacha SPORT and gets you ready for your sporting adventure.

The reacha SPORT is ideal for transporting longer equipment to the spot. Regardless of the tyres, the reacha SPORT easily transports items up to 14′ / 427 cm long, e.g. stand-up paddle raceboards. If your sports equipment is longer than 4.3 m, then our reacha XL might be the right trailer for you.

No VAT Included in the price.

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