About Awake Ravik

Power, Speed & Precision

Based on three fundamental principles: Power, Speed and Precision, the Awake Ravik is an electric surfboard that has been designed with one key factor in mind – Adrenaline – enabling superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights to speeds of 35 miles/56 km per hour.

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How does it work?

  • Made from carbon fibre, the board is slim at the rear for rapid response and high agility, with a streamlined body that has been sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics.
  • A wireless handheld throttlethat gives instant torque from the motor to propel riders through the water controls the power to the board.
  • With four pre-set ride modes and adjustable power output, users can easily tailor their experience in line with ride preference, ability and conditions. The Ravik can easily be adapted for professionals and beginners alike, without compromising thrill or safety.


  • The 11kW brushless electric motor amply delivers the necessary torque to propel riders up to speeds of 30 knots / 56 km per hour in seconds.
  • A precision-machined impeller and housing ensure maximized efficiency and impressive acceleration.
  • A temperature management system using watertight seals and surface water eliminates the need for internal coolants, thus reducing maintenance.

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  • Working in tandem with the motor, the exchangeable battery pack is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the board.
  • It uses lithium-ion cells to deliver up to 40 minutes of mixed riding and features an integrated LED indicator that alerts the rider when the battery is low, so you know when it’s time to go back to shore.
  • The battery exchanges in a single motion, enabling hours of seamless riding.


  • The wireless throttle controller displays speed and other key ride information and has been ergonomically and intuitively designed for maximum responsiveness and performance.
  • Riders can also select one of four pre-set modes (KIDS, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME) so performance can easily be adjusted depending on preference, ability and conditions.

Safety Features

  • Handmade with premium composites, the carbon-fibre board is lightweight for maximum speed and can withstand hard impacts while protecting the vital electrical components inside.
  • Sensors throughout its system, including temperature monitoring, automatic shutdown if the board turns upside down, and a magnetically-triggered power key (dead man’s grip function) to ensure the board doesn’t speed off without the rider.

Materials & Quality Care

  • The RAVIK is built using state-of-the-art components, manufactured in-house at the Awake facility in Malmö, Sweden, where aluminium, composites, and electronics are all brought together to deliver the best possible ride experience while keeping in mind sustainability and the environment.
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