The FLYR is built around a simple and clean design. Maximum volume in the shortest possible size. Being high volume for its size the FLYR allows you to ride a much shorter board than you thought possible. Also bringing an agile board feel while remaining easy to control.

The FLYR will be your one-board-does-it-all wing foiling board.

Our design has a step rounded tail kick tail behind the foil boxes that allows for active pumping and bouncing up on the foil. This board wants to be moved actively onto the foil. Since the shape is based on surf foil board design, the smallest sizes 4.4 and 4.6 also double up as a surf-foil board.

Bevelled rails for enough clearance in turns in waves or on tight freestyle moves. The deep V/double concave in the nose assists in bouncing back up through touch downs. The centered volume distribution allows you to stay in the foot straps at all times.


Nose V-Shape

Helps with touchdown recovery. The V-shape in the nose breaks the water surface on touch down, so the board splits the water instead of sticking to it. This makes for a gentle dive and quick Release. Low volume in the nose allows you to “dive” through a nosedive instead of getting stuck. Steep bevelled rails, the spine and double concave in the nose combine to allow tight turns when the side of the nose is touching the water. For faster release the double concave helps to funnel air under the board assisting faster release.

Compact Outline + High Volume

The shorter the board the less swing weight which makes it more agile and and manoeuvrable when foiling. Less surface area means more aerodynamic. The extra nose and tail volume means extra stability when not foiling. The volume in the nose helps recovery when coming off the foil or nose-diving. A shorter board is much more effective for pumping as well.

Concave Deck

The concave in the deck helps to position the rider lower and makes the board more stable to ride. It increases the volume in rails making it a more balanced and stable shape. It also helps to keep the board under you while knee starting. In turns it helps you to engage the toe side with your back foot.

Centerline Arch-Bar and Tail Kick Pad

The longitudinal arch bar serves as a tactile stance reference for precise and fast foot placement which is crucial when foiling. Additionally, it makes for a better hold while using footstraps. A Tail pad and a front pad serve as a visual marker for your feet making it easier to find your stance. A tail kick pad in case you are riding strapless.

Foot Strap Inserts

come standard in “Y” configuration with the additional option on the back foot to go either “duck-stance” or “off-center”. The “Y” configuration allows you to go double front strap setup or strapless. An additional row of inserts in the front allow you to finetune the angle of your front foot as well. So you have full options to find your perfect stance.

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