The Manta 5 is a Hydrofoiler made with ‘clean-technology’ with exceptional performance and all water-terrain capabilities elevating this bike into a class of its own. Exuding confidence, its sporty design is complemented by truly responsive riding dynamics and seamlessly integrated technology. This combination is impeccably tuned. Striking a perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability in all types of water-terrain.
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How does it work?

  • You can ride on oceans, rivers and lakes, handling moderate chop and swell. The front tiller section of the Hydrofoiler self-levels and help to punch through chop and over swell as you ride
  • Like other hydrofoil watercraft, the XE-1 relies on submerged wings that create lift in the water and raise the hull out of the water; this decreases drag and increases speed.
  • The bike floats on its side when stationary. When you stop pedalling you will slowly sink down into the water, buoyancy prevents the bike from sinking when you stop pedalling.

Technical features

  • The Hydrofoiler XE-1 has seven levels of electric assistance that can be changed as you ride. Dial the electric assistance down and put in more of your own power to increase the duration of your ride. A heavy rider can get up to 4 hours of ride time on low assistance. The harder you work, the further you can go.
  • All Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1’s come standard with the GARMIN® eBike Remote. Rugged, compact and lightweight and effectively cycle between the 7 levels of motor assistance.
  • Foil tip design minimises drag and extends effective wingspan. The rear wingspan measures 6.5ft and the front wing, 4ft.
  • The bike has a modular design for easy assembly and in-car transport.

with instructor

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Motor and Battery

This waterproof duo is designed to push the limits of what is possible on water. The motor has proven resilient against rigorous maritime tests yet produces no more than a quiet hum and inflicts zero harm on the environment. 

Safety Features

  • Buoyancy modules designed to streamline the Hydrofoiler both above and below water
  • The Hydrofoiler is optimised for riders weighing between 70kgs-90kgs. To perform the submerged launch, riders do need to weigh below 100kgs in order to re-surface.
  • We insist that riders wear a PFD (personal flotation device)/life jacket and carry a communication device. The PFD will help the rider float in the water when they’re not riding. The communication device is to contact someone on shore in the case of an emergency.
  • A minimum depth of 1 meter (3ft) to ride the bike in, is recommended. However, to perform the submerged launch to resurface this would require a minimum water depth of 2 meters (7ft).
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