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Nautibuoy is a unique ballast system. Cleverly designed, the system enables you to link all platform sizes to one another to create anything from jet-ski docks to longer pontoons and shapes that allow access to any part of the boat. Its purpose is to create more space around your boat fast and easy.

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How does it work?

  • The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes.
  • This unique ballast system provides incredible stability to the platforms when they’re on the water. Filling up quickly the four ballast bags, positioned in each corner, provide you with a stable surface almost instantly. The platforms are easy to remove after use.
  • The manual dump system is designed to expel the water rapidly and for you to effortlessly remove the platform from the water.
  • Quick and easy to inflate and deflate to 3.6 psi / 250mb. Inflation/deflation times range from 1min 30sec to 3mins 30 secs depending on platform size.
  • There are two main types of platforms: the Voyager and the Sport. The Sport series can do everything the Voyager can, but the Voyager series has more connection options available.

Parts & Components

  • The platforms can transform from a guest-ready leisure platform into a reliable inflatable maintenance tool.
  • All the platforms are made from 200mm (7.5”) deep drop-stitch, pack down to a conveniently storable size and with four different sizes.
  • C-Dock: A docking system compatible with Hydrofoils and Seabobs, it is another modular addition to the NautiBuoy inflatable range. We have two available models
  • The Sport C-Dock offers a unique “RIB collar” style solution, that is even more lightweight, stowable and quick to inflate.
  • The Voyager C-Dock, with a luxurious teak foam finish and drop stitch core this version has been designed with the same key features as the Sports version. Compatible with all sizes in the NautiBuoy platform range the Voyager C-Dock offers a smooth continuation of the NautiBuoy platform lines.

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Parts & Components

  • The platforms come with two available surfacesThick, in a more traditional look and Diamond, which brings a more contemporary style.
  • Only soft loops are used on the bottom and edges of the platform to prevent any damage to the topsides, paint and varnish work, as well as the teak deck.
  • The Air toggle loops have a secure tidy-away Velcro system for when not in use. Quick to release and rapid to secure, they keep the platform looking streamlined.
  • The Multipurpose platform mountings (MPM’s) offer the ability to lock and secure multiple ranges of accessories, including boarding ladders and hose holders.
  • The pressure release valves ensure the release of excess pressure due to the expansion of air in hot temperatures.
  • Bravo C7 Halkey Roberts inflation valve has a fitting that allows for the Bravo OV10 pump to be secured inside it for hands-free inflation and deflation.
  • The Voyager series platform has four lifting handles strategically positioned for dual-use. They provide lifting points and are used when linking platforms together

Safety Features

  • The Air Toggle System adds flexibility with connection, and it provides the platforms with a 2nd air chamber for safety. It also keeps the platforms level with each other during any movement.
  • Designed to stop the platforms rising and falling on top of each other in swell, they also prevent possible entrapment between connected platforms.
  • The Air Toggles are fabricated from German high strength PVC and have A6 Leafield Marine 5.5 psi/ 379 MB pressure release valves installed for safety.
  • Both of our surfaces Teak or Diamond provide a non-skid surface for safety.
  • Extremely rigid & stable once inflated due to its drop-stitch core and ballast system
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