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Fly above land

Onewheel represents a global transformation in the way people go places and move through cities. Onewheel is a transportation device that provides a riding experience similar to surfing but on paved or unpaved trail. It comes in two models and both Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+XR, exemplify the dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation.

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How does it work?

  • Anyone can ride a Onewheel; everybody can pick it up in a few minutes with a little instruction. You turn it on by pressing a button and lean forward for acceleration. To turn, you shift your way onto your toes or heels. To slow down and stop, you can bend backwards.
  • The Onewheel app, available on iPhone and Android, offers a wide range of possibilities and opens the gates to a broad community of users, ready to share their experience.


Pint is perfect for, dog walks, coffee runs, momentary escapes from reality freshly paved suburbia, and it has several refined features that make it more practical and easy to ride.

  • Maghandle, an integrated fold-out carrying handle on the side of the board that makes Pint easy to pick up and take with you, whether it’s onto the subway or into your house.
  • Simplestop technology, which enables a simplified ride experience to help novices get riding with confidence right away.
  • Lightbar, a LED light display on the board that gives a visual indication of battery status and other notifications.
  • Top speed of 16 miles or 26 km per hour and a range up to 8 miles or 13 km.
  • It is smaller than the RX and has four shaping presets on the app.
  • The Pint has a narrower stance and smaller footpads, and it weighs 23 lb or10,40 kg. 

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RX is suitable for big adventures, long commutes, the unknown, the scent of pine trees and single-track trails.

  • This new model features everything people love about the Onewheel+, including Surestance™ footpads and Hypercore™ motor technology.
  • Gets to a top speed of 19 miles or 30 km per hour and a range up to 18 miles or 29 km.
  • It´s larger than the Pint model, and it has six shaping presets on the app.
  • The RX is squarer; it has a wider stance and weights 27 lb or 12.24 kg.

Safety Features

  • It`s important that you wear a helmet and other protective devices that you find suitable.
  • It has a light bar integrated into the footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts.
  • The board has a feature that lets you know when you speed up too much by pushing back. Make sure you ride within the speed limit.
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