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Lift eFoil Exclusive

The Lift eFoil is an electric hydrofoil. It evokes a unique and exhilarating experience where riders fly silently above the water without the need for wind or waves – no noise and zero emissions!


Based on three fundamental principles: Power, Speed and Precision, the Awake Ravik is an electric surfboard that has been designed with one key factor in mind – Adrenaline – enabling superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights to speeds of 35 miles/56 km per hour.

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Nautibuoy is a unique ballast system. Cleverly designed, the system enables you to link all platform sizes to one another to create anything from jet-ski docks to longer pontoons and shapes that allow access to any part of the boat. Its purpose is to create more space around your boat fast and easy.


Onewheel represents a global transformation in the way people go places and move through cities. Onewheel is a transportation device that provides a riding experience similar to surfing but on paved or unpaved trail. It comes in two models and both Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+XR, exemplify the dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation.

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